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Empoweren Commerce is a robust eCommerce solution designed to meet the needs of online businesses both small and large. Its potent shopping engine puts the power of creating and operating an online store in your hands.

With user-friendly tools for managing product selection, inventory, shipping, and customer information, Empoweren Commerce has the essential items you need to do business online. It easily integrates with most shipping systems and payment gateways. Plus, many modules are available to expand and extend Empoweren Commerce's capabilities to meet your specific needs.


  • Secure shopping cart
  • Fully SEO compliant architecture
  • No per transaction fees
  • Customized design
  • Unlimited categories and products
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Multi-level web-based administration
  • Online payment gateways support
  • Real-time shipping cost estimation
  • Inventory management
  • Reports management
  • Full google analytics integration
  • Gift certificates
  • Online sales and coupons

Many eCommerce solutions boast an "SEO-friendly" architecture. As a search engine optimization agency Captiva Marketing has experienced first-hand the difference between an SEO-friendly site and a site fully optimized for organic placement. Empoweren Commerce allows you to fully optimize every page within your online store, which can give you a serious competitive advantage over those with solutions that are merely "search engine friendly."

Empoweren Commerce allows you to easily manage every aspect of your online store - from homepage content and online promotion/sales to product categories and pricing. The WYSIWYG editor empowers you to update each page with new and fresh content and publish information easily and instantaneously to your site. Plus, you can create and manage static pages to further augment the content on your site outside of the online store.

The web-based manager allows you to manage all aspects of your store from any place you have an internet connection. Process orders, update pricing, or manage customer data from a simple, password-protected administrator site. Additionally, there is an option to import and export data regarding all aspects of the store.

WYSIWYG Homepage Editor & Static Pages
To make adding content to your new site simple, we started with a proven WYSIWYG editor that provides users with all of the basic functionality needed to create "static" web pages and update the promotional content areas of the homepage. The editor also provides the ability to insert custom HTML code in order to add Flash elements, JavaScript objects, custom forms, and other any content desired. Captiva's skilled design team is available to assist in the creation of any of these custom HTML elements.

Other Unique Features of the Empoweren Commerce

The ability to change page URLs and create a 301 server level file redirect.
If the site owner chooses not to maintain the existing file name structure, Empoweren Commerce offers the ability for the old file names to be redirected to the new page. This is beneficial for both visitors who have bookmarked the page and search engines that have indexed it (and this will also allow for search popularity built into the old file name to propagate over time to the new file name).

The ability to run your business from anywhere on the planet.
As with many companies, there are seasonal, monthly and even daily needs for content to be displayed. And as a business owner you may need to address issues with your online channel at times when you are not in your office. With Empoweren Commerce, you can easily make a product or content active, inactive or modify content through a web browser from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Plus, you have complete access to all aspects of your store such as customer date, order information, reporting and shipping updates (if installed).

The ability to name your web page file names.
In traditional content management systems, dynamically generated pages would utilize dynamically generated file names like the following:

From a search engine perspective, file names like these often cause issues with the search engines, and they contain no keywords that can help the page be more algorithm-compliant. Since URL strands can also be linked to by other web sites, search engine and user friendly file names can be a great asset to a site. With Empoweren Commerce, the creation of a page's URL is controlled by you, the site owner, not a dynamically generated variable string. The above URL would appeal to both users and search engines if it were written as follows:


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