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Empoweren Photo Gallery Manager is a flexible photo gallery module that allows you to add galleries of images to your site. It can be use to feature works of art, custom products, samples, pictures from an event, or anything else where you want visitors to see several images along with descriptive text.

Features Include:

Unlimited AlbumsUnlimited Albums
No limit on the number of photos you can upload or the number of albums you can create.
Drag and DropDrag and Drop Sorting
Organize images by dragging and dropping photos into the desired order in an album.
Integration with WYSIWYGIntegration with WYSIWYG Editor
Add a photo album created in the photo gallery to any page on your website.
Multiple AlbumsMultiple Albums on a Page
Showcase multiple projects by adding more than one album to a page.
Multiple Display OptionsMultiple Display Options
Choose from full view, mini view, or lightbox view displays.
Batch UploadingBatch Uploading
Photos can be uploaded in large batches from your computer.
Auto Resizing and CompressingAuto Resizing and Compressing
Photos are automatically resized and compressed to fit into the photo galleries.







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