With Empoweren, there is no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade. As a hosted solution, we install your site on a dedicated server that runs within a Tier 3 data center, install all updates, and provide technical support through our team in St. Louis, Missouri.

Monthly Hosting Fees

Fees for site hosting are included in one's Monthly Hosting, Support, and Maintenance fee and include:

1GB Storage Space and 2GB of Traffic

For sites that consistently utilize more storage space or bandwidth, we price theses accordingly:

2GB Storage Space & 5GB of Traffic + $10/month

4GB Storage Space & 8GB of Traffic + $25/month

Software is in place to monitor your site's usage and our IT team will work with you to determine the best and most cost effective option for your particular needs.

Additional Storage and Bandwidth: There is a charge of $4.50/GB of traffic charge on overages.

Our Data Center Partner

For most organizations, your website will be hosted on one of our dedicated servers located in a Tier 3 Data Center owned and managed by XIOLINK, LLC. This is a very well respected company and one of the leading data centers in the country. XIOLINK was chosen as our partner for many reasons but mainly because of their excellent service and the following:

100% Network and Power Uptime - Guaranteed
Their Tier 3 data centers are designed with N+1 redundancy to support their industry leading service level agreements, while 24-hour support engineers proactively monitor over one thousand environmental and technical elements to identify potential issues before they impact our systems.

Comprehensive Network Security
Their intrusion detection and prevention systems with managed firewall solutions provide the highest level of electronic security to keep our client's data safe.

Exhaustive Physical Security
All XIOLINK facilities maintain the highest level of security utilizing biometrics, proximity cards, CCTV, and restricted access protecting our client's data from unauthorized personnel.

Faster Data Transfers
They provide an intelligently routed network that improves network performance by 39.6% over standard BGP networks, making sure our client's data follows the most efficient path available.

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