Maintenance & Technical Support

Today's typical IT department is already overwhelmed with activities related to the day-to-day operation of the business or organization. With Empoweren, our team helps minimize the burden placed on your internal IT resources by hosting your website, maintaining the CMS, and providing users with technical support and users manuals.


Empoweren System Updates
The web is an extremely dynamic environment and to ensure that our Empoweren CMS adapts to these continual changes, we will periodically apply minor updates to the system. This is one of the primary benefits to going with a hosted solution. These minor updates are included in your monthly Hosting, Support, and Maintenance fee.

System Upgrades
At times, we develop upgrades to the CMS system that we deem essential to the core product offering. These system updates are seamlessly pushed through all sites in the system and costs for this service are included as part of the monthly Hosting, Support, and Maintenance fee.

Ongoing Browser Compliance Assistance
While we make every effort to keep both our systems and creative designs compliant with the most popular browsers, it can be extremely challenging task. In 2009, there were 7 browsers (Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) that had over 1% market share. Depending on the code used in your design and navigation, graphics may render differently in different browsers and clients sometimes experience layout or spacing issues when new browsers are introduced to the market.

As a general rule, these updates typically affect the graphic coding more than the system coding, but we can typically troubleshoot any issues that you may face.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided as part of one's monthly Hosting, Support, and Maintenance fee. It is important to note that Technical Support is included on the operation of the content management system and its module and does not include custom design, SEO, or marketing services and may or may not pertain to custom designed modules.

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