Calendar and Events Manager

empoweren calandar manager

In order to keep customers, members and prospects informed about upcoming events with your company, Empoweren includes an online calendar module that allows users to easily update and add events through the easy-to-use web based interface.

By simply selecting a date in the calendar, one can insert event information, as well as link to another page in the site to provide more information.

Features Include:

Organization toolsSimple Calendar Organization Tools
Events can be organized into different categories.
Unlimited CategoriesUnlimited Categories
No limit to the number of categories you can create.
Integrates with WYSIWYGIntegration with WYSIWYG Editor
Add calendars to content pages with the content manager's WYSIWYG editor.
Repeating ActivitiesSet Repeating Activities
Set events in the calendar manager to immediately repeat.
Display OptionsMultiple Display Options
Display by month, week, or in a list.
RSSBuilt in RSS Feed
Syndicate events through a built in RSS feed generator.
Multiple PagesAdd to Multiple Pages
Add event listings to multiple pages.

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