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With Empoweren's News Manager and Publicist modules, your team will be empowered to engage in all types of PR activities. This is important as an ongoing PR program offers one of the most cost effective and professional ways to consistently add content to your site, increase the number of backlinks to your site, and expand your presence in the search engine rankings.

It is our goal to create public relations and social media campaigns that work hand-in-hand with your internet marketing campaigns in order to create one cohesive online marketing program.

Captiva can help your company set up a public relations program and implement an ongoing social media strategy. For organizations that want additional help, we offer a wide variety services including blogging, blog/forum/media monitoring, press release writing, PR distribution, and pitching your stories to journalists and editors.

There are two main facets to public relations. One involves the intangible efforts to build the credibility of a company. The other is more traceable and is geared toward contributing to your company's bottom line by driving traffic to your website and delivering leads. We build public relations programs that incorporate both of these goals in order to create a well rounded PR campaign.

Programs include:

  • Industry PR: This type of PR program is the more traditional form of public relations. We develop media lists, review editorial calendars, distribute press releases and pitch writes and editors with relevant news, case studies, and events. Industry PR tends to fall into two categories, B-to-B and B-to-C PR each with unique programs.

  • Online PR: A new form of PR work that involves writing keyword targeted press releases that are distributed online in order to enhance one's presence on the web and improve organic search engine optimization.

  • Local PR: Working with local media to promote your company, events, and news.

  • Blogging: More than just speaking to your potential clients, we have developed interactive blog platforms that truly engage current and prospective clients. Programs include writing blog articles for your company, working with bloggers to spread the word about your company, and commenting on key industry blogs about your company.

  • Reputation Management: Monitoring and actively working to ensure that your company is addressing items that may affect consumer's perception of your firm when researching you online.

  • Social Media: Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to spread the word about your company, products and services.

We can work with your company and your budget to set up PR programs that are cost effective and have a high ROI. Additionally, we offer training programs that set your company up with the tools to effectively run PR programs internally and then we can offer support on an as-needed basis.

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