Optional Modules

Empoweren also comes with optional modules that can be added to the standard Empoweren package to customize your site to meet your needs.

Modules include:

Empoweren BlogBlog
Write and develop blog articles that can be added to the blog section on your website.
Sell products with the cart product from Empoweren that integrates with your site.
Menu ManagerMenu Manager
Add, edit, and delete menu items so restaurants can keep their menu up to date.
Highlight sponsors for events with the Sponsor manager that automatically sorts and displays sponsor by contribution level.
Document GeneratorDocument Generator
Generate custom PDFs that are branded with your company's logo and a header and footer without a designer.
Members ManagerMember Manager
Control access to certain parts and features on your website with the member manager that provides unique log ins for each member.
PublicistPublicist Manager
Access to tools to run a successful public relations campaign in an efficient manner.

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