Search Engine Marketing Pricing

Due to the custom nature of search engine optimization and CPC advertising, all projects are quoted on a custom basis. Pricing guidelines follow.

Site Analysis, Keyword Research, & SEM Strategy Development

As outlined in our SEM Process Guide, this 10 step process was developed to determine what actions were required to best optimize an existing site. Depending on whether you will be moving an existing site to a new Empoweren based site or creating an entirely new site on a new domain will affect how much work needs to be done here. Regardless, for all sites that Captiva is going to optimize, we need to understand your goals and objectives and do fairly extensive identification and analysis.

Fees for this service: Fees are related to the number of keyword themes that are relevant to your site and how much existing analytics data there is to review. Typical fees range from $250 to $1,000 but large sites may require extensive planning and research.

Search Engine Optimization

Captiva Marketing has a full staff of SEO specialists to help with any aspect of your Empoweren Implementation (website buildout). If search engine optimization is important to your site, we have a relatively proven process outlined in our SEM Process Guide.

Fees for this Service: Fees are typically based on an hourly rate of approximately $75/hour and the amount of work that can be accomplished in an hour is heavily based on the quantity and complexity of pages needed.

Site Submission & Link Building

While absolutely critical to the success of an SEO program, it is nearly impossible to standardize the submission and link building process. Search engines rank sites partly based on the quantity and quality of links that they have coming into their sites so the process of developing links can be a never ending process. The amount of link popularity and site submission work that a site needs depends on the competition for its keyword phrases and how much existing link popularity it has.

Fees for this service: We typically will do an extensive review of backlink opportunities, submit the site to some of the general directories, and prepare an "opportunity research report" for $1,500.

Ongoing link building and online PR and social services are also available, but some sites will do quite well with their existing link popularity and may require no work in this area. A Captiva Marketing SEO specialist can help determine your needs in this area.

Cost Per Click Advertising Set Up

Once your new site is live, cost per click advertising provides one of the easiest to control options for generating targeting traffic to your site quickly. If you would like help in setting up and managing CPC campaigns in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, our staff can assist you. Captiva is a Google AdWords Qualified Company that has been engaged in cost per click advertising since its inception and currently manages millions of dollars in ad spend for its clients.

Fees for this service: Fees are related to the number of keywords and ad groups that need to be created.

Web Analytics Set Up

For most sites, we install Google Analytics on the site and configure the goals to track, set up users, and integrate and CPC advertising program tracking URLS.

Fees for this service: Typical fees are $250.

Monthly Campaign Management

In our basic monthly program, we review organic ranking reports, source referrals, keyword referrals, visitor data, and manage the CPC advertising campaign. We then prepare a report that lets the client know how the site is performing, what is going on in the search engine market that may affect their site, and what opportunities and threats they should consider.

Fees for this service: Basic programs typically run $200 to $300 a month although some clients opt for programs with extensive PR, Social Media, ongoing link building, and the like. For these, we typically set up estimated monthly retainers and bill time hourly.

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