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    People often ask what makes Empoweren an SEO friendly CMS. Ultimately, search engine optimization is primarily the result of writing good content and generating a lot of quality links back to one's site. So, the whole concept of a content management system being SEO friendly may just seem like a marketing ploy to some.

    Having optimized hundreds of sites over the past decade, however, we know that while a content management system cannot optimize your website for you, it certainly can help make your job easier. With that in mind, here are the features we incorporated into our system to make it a search friendly CMS.

    1. Customizable SEO Fields
    With dedicated fields that allow users to create custom page titles, page header (headlines), navigation text, meta descriptions, and meta keywords for every single page on your site, you have complete control over all critical on-page optimization variables.
    2. Search Engine Friendly File Names
    Many content management systems create dynamically generated file names with extensive use of ampersands, question marks, and equal signs that provide no aid in optimizing a page. Empoweren allows for the creation of unique, custom-written title tags that can include relevant keywords separated by search engine friendly hyphens.
    3. Page Re-Direct Fields
    For SEO purposes, we have always advised people building websites that would replace existing websites to install page-to-page server side re-directs. When we designed Empoweren, we integrated this feature into every page so that those building the new site could configure the re-directs with no assistance from the IT department.
    4. Spider Friendly Menu System
    One of the most important parts to optimizing a website is simply ensuring that the search engines can spider its pages. While Empoweren is flexible in the types of navigation systems that it can employ, our design and implementation teams can provide guidance to ensure that your navigation is built in a spiderable manner if SEO is important to your project.
    5. Google Analytics Integration
    It's nearly impossible to run an effective SEO program without the use of site analytics and that is why we made it simple to integrate Google Analytics into your site as part of the initial system set up process.
    6. CPC Conversion Tracking
    We know that many companies engaged in SEO also do a fair amount of CPC advertising and tracking of their goal conversions so we outfitted our Forms Manager Module to easily integrate with the leading CPC programs including Google AdWords.
    7. Auto Generated Site Maps
    While the development of a search engine friendly site architecture is ideal, Empoweren will auto generate and continuously update your site map to ensure that all desired pages get indexed by the search engines.
    8. No Index / No Follow Options
    This simple feature can help your SEO teams avoid nightmares associated with duplicate content common in many larger sites.
    duplicate content 9. Duplicate Content Control
    Empoweren also has duplicate content control. For example, your page for silver halogen desk lamps can appear in the navigation under a "Desk Lamps" category and "Silver Lamps" category without completely duplicating the page. When you want to add the page to a new area, all you have to do is create a link to the existing page.
    breadcrumb icon10. Automatic Bread Crumb Navigation
    Empoweren not only utilizes breadcrumb navigation in its user interface to help with site usability and reinforce the site structure for search engine spiders, but our design and implementation teams also work with you to ensure that your site's global and sectional menu systems satisfy both search engine and typical user navigation goals.
    11. Control Over Image Alt Tags through Built in Image Editor
    The WYSIWYG editor features controls that essentially require users to enter alternative text when images are added to the site and you can also control the names of your images for even more SEO control.
    12. Publicist - Press Release Manager
    This whole module was designed to streamline the press release distribution process so that you could generate more links to your site. Optimizing your site only satisfies half of the SEO need links coming back into your site and Publicists can help tremendously with this.
    support iconDesigned and Supported by SEO Specialists
    As we said, an SEO friendly CMS can only do so much. Search engine optimization is primarily the result of writing good content and generating a lot of quality links back to one's site. When you utilize Empoweren, you gain access to a team of proven, experience SEO professionals who can help you with all aspects of your site design, development, and promotion.

    For more information or to schedule a demonstration of Empoweren, please call us at 1-877-227-8382 or complete our contact form.










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