While we are proud of the fact that our Empoweren web CMS system offers a tremendous value to our clients, it is the services provided by the website design, development, and search engine marketing professionals at Captiva Marketing that truly separate us from other CMS solutions.

Empoweren is a hosted, closed source web content management system developed by our team at Captiva Marketing. It was developed for companies and organizations looking for a system that was easy to use, inexpensive to maintain, secure and search engine friendly.

Empoweren modules are designed by our in-house programmers to ensure that they function properly and integrate seamlessly with the core system and other modules.

As a cloud based system (or Software as a Service – SaaS), the code that powers Empoweren websites runs on servers maintained by Captiva Marketing. This ensures that the modifications, enhancements and security updates are applied to one centralized system. 

Our Approach

Research & Strategy

Step one is to understand your goals, budgets, competitive advantages, market position and target markets to ensure that we fully understand your marketing objectives. We then evaluate your marketing assets from both online and offline perspectives.  Next, we research competitors' websites to determine the level of existing site optimization, the amount of organic and CPC competition, and other elements to develop a successful strategy.

Armed with your input and our research, we can work to develop an online marketing strategy for your particular goals and situation.  Typically this involves some forms of lead generation, brand building, sales support and the streamlining of information distribution. 

Although creating a basic website may be rather a straightforward process, we focus on developing sites that are not only professionally designed in accordance with best practices but that also...

  • Comply with the search engine ranking algorithms
  • Employ a logical user interface
  • Integrate with social media
  • Provide effective landing pages for SEO and CPC advertising
  • Accomplish marketing and lead generation goals
  • Utilize forms that integrate with Google Analytics
  • Comply with multiple browsers and devices
  • Allow users with limited technical skills to edit and update the website quickly and easily

Marketing Message & Branding

Since most websites serve as some type of marketing tool, it is often essential that we utilize our strategic research to help develop the marketing messages for your site. By prioritizing the key elements of your message, we can better develop your site architecture and design comps. This process is typically completed by your dedicated account manager.

When designing an online marketing strategy, we will consider your existing branding efforts and integrate them into our work as best as possible.  If no branding exists or it is not well organized, we can help develop branding guidelines, logos, taglines and messaging for your company or individual product lines.  View samples of our logo design and brand identity work. 

Creative Design

It is a common saying that "Form Follows Function" and that holds true for most web design projects. With a solid strategy, powerful marketing message, and intelligently designed user interface, our design team at Captiva Marketing can go to work bringing your site to life with graphics, imagery, and other artistic elements.

The typical goal is to blend in creative design without sacrificing other key elements like SEO and usability...which can be a very challenging task for larger sites. This process is typically handled by your Account Management Team and our Creative TeamOur design team is skilled in all aspects of graphic web design and our entire team can work with you to create a look that supports your company image, provides clean navigation, and highlights your primary marketing message. 

View Captiva Marketing's Design Portfolio

Site Development

Although Empoweren is very easy to use and businesses and organizations can benefit greatly from the ability of their employees to build and update their websites, the rapid pace of today's business world often necessitates the use of outside help.

For clients that want assistance with the development or construction of their site, we can build out the entire site or we can simply guide you through all stages of the site development process. Our work ranges from the development of the site architecture and creation of a page from each section to a complete site build out that may include:

  • Layout development
  • Image selection (from stock photo sites)
  • Photo editing (photoshop work)
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Page optimization (SEO)
  • Custom illustrations
  • Video integration
  • Google maps integration
  • Photo gallery population

Search Engine Marketing

Not only is Empoweren loaded with a number of features to ensure that search engine optimization techniques can be easily employed, but it is also supported by a team of search engine marketing specialists. Our management team has optimized thousands of sites since 2002 and Captiva Marketing is part of a limited group of firms that have achieved status as a Google AdWords Qualified Company.

Primary Search Engine Marketing Services

To develop effective search engine marketing programs, we engage in an extensive review of your current keywords, site structure, level of competition, level of existing algorithm compliance, level of existing link popularity, and other elements to determine whether a campaign can be designed within your budget that will realistically provide results with an effective ROI. As a full service digital marketing firm, we work in all areas of online promotion with an emphasis on:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Cost Per Click Advertising (CPC)
  • Campaign Management

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