Empoweren Web Content Management System

Core Technology
Like many web content management solutions, Empoweren consists of two basic components:

  • Content Manager - This is the core technology that allows users to configure the site architecture and create, add, or edit content within the site.

  • WYSIWYG Editor - This tool provides users with all the basic functionality needed to build web pages-add content, photos, links, charts, PDFs, graphs, and the like. It also integrates with standard and optional modules so one can easily add photo galleries, calendars, videos, news feeds, and inquiry forms.

To make the content management system even more functional, Empoweren features a number of standard and optional modules that simplify tasks, enhance visual output, and integrate back end technology. Custom modules can also be developed and integrated into the system.

  • Standard Modules - These tools allow users to easily add common elements like news feeds, job postings, calendars, inquiry forms, photo galleries, and videos to pages within the site.

  • Optional Modules - We are constantly adding new modules to further enhance the functionality of Empoweren. Many of these new modules, however, are industry specific or specialized in nature. To keep the administrative interface clean and easy to use, we only add these modules if required.

  • Custom Modules - Our in-house web development team also works with clients to develop highly specialized modules customized to their particular needs.

Complete Integration
What helps differentiate Empoweren from many other web content management system offerings is that our core Content Manager, WYSIWYG Editor, and Specialty Modules all integrate together in one very easy-to-use program.


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