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Online newsrooms are now, more than ever, an integral part of your website. The TEK International 2007 Journalist Survey found that half of all journalists use online newsrooms at least once a week and that more than 85% use them every month. Additionally, your audience uses your online newsroom to stay in tune with new happenings within your organization.

Empoweren News Manager allows you to easily update your newsroom with press releases, events, and stories. The WYSIWYG editor lets you upload press releases into the news manager and they will then seamlessly integrate with your website.

Features Include:

Article UploadEasy Article Upload
Upload articles using same formatting options as most word processing programs.
Photo UploadUpload Photos
Upload photos to enhance the news story.
WYSIWYG integrationIntegrates with WYSIWYG
Add the newsroom to any page on the site within the Content Manager's WYSIWYG Editor.
Multiple CategoriesMultiple Categories
Sort news into multiple category types such as press releases, case studies, and media coverage.
Displays by DateDisplays by Date
Automatically arranges news articles with most recent news first.
Highlight Headline and SummaryHighlight Headline and Summary
Creates a news aggregate page that features the headline and summary paragraph of each story on a main news page.
Sort by MonthSort News by Month
The news feed page includes a drop down menu that sorts stories by date.
Customizable SEO FieldsCustomizable SEO Fields
Customize SEO elements such as the Page Title Tag, Meta Data, File Name, and Keywords.
Search Friendly File NamesSearch Friendly File Names
File names can be customized and do not default automatically to the story's headline.
Edit Publication DatesEdit Publication Dates
Edit the dates on stories that are uploaded into the system to create a news archive.
Automatically create permanent redirects for old news stories that are added to the Empoweren News Manager.
News FeedsPost to News Feeds
Article headlines can be syndicated to news feeds on the home page or department pages.
Schedule PostsSchedule Posts
Schedule news stories to go live on an exact date and time.

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