To understand Empoweren, we think it is important that you gain an appreciation for who we are, why we developed the system, and what we are all about. Let's face it...this is the kind of information that is really helpful when you are evaluating potential partners and suppliers.

Who We Are
The Empoweren Content Management System was developed by a team of people at Captiva Marketing. Founded in 2002 as a search engine optimization company, we helped pioneer the market for SEO services in the St. Louis area and quickly expanded both our service offering and geographic reach.

By 2009, we ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine and as one of the largest web design firms in St. Louis as ranked by the St. Louis Business Journal. We have helped well over 500 clients and have about 300 active clients serviced by our staff of 29 team members in St. Louis, Missouri and Dallas, Texas.

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We are extremely proud to have achieved status as a Google AdWords Qualified Company very early on in their certification process and we work closely with our team at Google to keep our clients up to date on all of their service offerings.

We invite you to learn more about Captiva Marketing and our 5 distinct teams at www.captiva-marketing.com.

Why We Developed The Empoweren System
There are plenty of very intelligent reasons that we developed this system, but perhaps none is more important than the fact that we simply could not support our clients with the existing system options on the market. While there were plenty of website content management systems available, few would allow us to implement the tactics needed to ensure compliance with the search engine ranking algorithms.

This defect combined with the fact that our clients found most CMS systems to be hard to use, inflexible, and unscalable, led us to create a solution of our own. From its ability to create spider friendly URLs and page re-directs to its News and Publicist modules that streamline the online PR process, Empoweren was built for SEO. Only after we rolled it out to our existing customers did we learn how much our clients loved its ease of use and the support that we could provide.

What We Are All About
As the name indicates, our Empoweren content management system is designed to empower you and your team to manage, optimize, update and promote your own site. However, we also know that most companies need help getting sites set up and often need some support and pointers along the way.

As a product of Captiva Marketing, Empoweren users gain access to our team of in-house specialists that include:

  • Strategic Online Marketers
  • SEO Specialists
  • CPC Management Specialists
  • eCommerce Specialists
  • Web/Graphic Designers
  • Flash Designers
  • Web Developers (HTML, .php, etc...)
  • Online PR & Social Media Specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Web Analytics

While our CMS system excels on its own merit and provides an awesome value to our clients, it is the help that the Captiva team provides them that truly sets us apart.

We look forward to helping you attain your online marketing goals.

Mark Forst Bill Brasser
Co-Founder and Partner Co-Founder and Partner


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