Empoweren's What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor makes adding and editing content on your site simple. This proven editor provides users with all the basic functionality needed to build web pages and integrate standard, optional, and custom modules on each individual page.

With a straight-forward toolbar, users will be able to create custom pages without sacrificing design freedom to any great extent. Site administrators can employ style guidelines and limit editing options to ensure that the site's look is consistent and uniform with the brand.

Listed below are some of the WYSIWYG editor's key features that make it functional and effective for building and editing site content.

Features Include:

Integrates with EmpowerenIntegration with Empoweren Modules
Add Empoweren Modules through the standard WYSIWYG editor in the Content Manager.
Image EditorBuilt In Image Editor
Complete control over image properties including resizing, renaming, and alt text.
File UploadBuilt In File Uploader
Easily import data from external sources directly.
Table CreatorCustomizable Table Creator
Create a custom table anywhere on a page.
Microsoft WordIntegration with Microsoft Word
Transfer content directly from Microsoft Word without formatting issues.
XML EditorXML Editor
View, copy, and paste code to transfer data and commands with ease.
Spell CheckerSpell Checker
Multi-lingual English spell checker and custom dictionary.
Image PlacementEasy Image Placement
Place images exactly where you want them to appear.
Find and ReplaceFind and Replace Functionality
Perform a find and replace command directly in the editor screen.
Font/ Color GuidelinesCustomized Font/Color Style Guidelines
Keep sites uniform and consistent throughout while adding unique styling elements to pages for emphasis.

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