Having developed hundreds of successful, SEO friendly websites for companies of all sizes operating in a wide variety of industries, our team can help you select the right solution for your particular needs.

Empoweren - System Integration Only

This solution is ideal for those companies/organizations that want to utilize the Empoweren CMS, but whom need very little assistance in terms of graphic design, marketing, SEO, and site development. Service includes:

  • Configuration of all Standard Modules
  • Configuration of any Optional Modules
  • Administrative Set Up
  • Design Integration
  • WYSIWYG Editor Configuration
  • Site Architecture Implementation
  • CMS System Training
  • See Details

This package is ideal for companies with in-house design, marketing, and SEO capabilities as well as Ad Agencies, SEO Firms, Graphic Design Firms, and other service providers who want to maintain control over most aspects of the website.

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Empoweren Plus - System Integration + Basic Design

Designed for small businesses and organizations, this package includes everything in the System Integration package plus the following:

  • Custom design of home page and interior page template.
  • Development of approximately 12 pages.
  • Basic on-page optimization techniques applied to approximately 12 pages.
  • Development and integration of one inquiry form.

This package is ideal for those companies and organizations with small sites that require a fair amount of assistance in regards to graphic design, marketing, SEO, and site development.

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Empoweren - Custom

For larger sites, we typically custom build a proposal based on your specific goals and needs. This may include:

  • Development of a strategic online marketing plan with competitive analysis.
  • Creation of an SEO friendly user interface and site architecture.
  • Custom home page and interior template designs based on strategic and competitive analysis.
  • Flash development.
  • Graphic design of custom icons, illustrations, graphs, etc...
  • Page layout, content population, image selection, image editing and population of photo galleries.
  • On page optimization (SEO) throughout site.
  • Link building and site submission.
  • CPC Set Up.
  • Media database development for Publicist.

To better evaluate your needs and create a proposal for your new site, please refer to the Site Design, Development, & Promotion Questionnaire on our Questionnaire page.


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