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For many site owners, the need to collect information from visitors in the form of completed online questionnaires, inquiry forms, or quote requests is critical. Empoweren Forms Manager allows one to easily create online forms to collect detailed information, transact sensitive information (SSL certificate recommended) or process payment (SSL certificate required and a payment gateway needed).

Features Include:

Online Data StorageOnline Data Storage
Stores all form information online to prevent losing data if you have an interruption in email service.
CAPTCHACAPTCHA Spam Deterrent Option
Prevent automated services or bots from spamming your forms with an automated test.
WYSIWYG integrationIntegration with WYSIWYG Editor
Forms can be added to any page by selecting the forms icon in the content manager.
Drag and DropDrag & Drop Formatting
Rearrange fields by simply dragging a field into a new position within the manager.
Drop InDrop In Selection Functionality
Add fields to your form without any coding knowledge.
Predefined fieldsPredefined Fields
Common field groups are preset in the manager including address, name, email, and a date picker field.
UnlimitedUnlimited Data Fields
No field limit for forms so you can build forms that are any size to meet your needs.
File UploadFile Upload Capability
Enables users to upload any file that is stored on their local computer.
Page BreaksPage Breaks
Page breaks can be inserted to a form so that subsequent questions are on a different page.
Digital SignatureDigital Signature Fields
As legally binding as a handwritten signature, provides a place for people to sign off on work online.
Office Use OnlyOffice Use Only Fields
Fields can be added and are hidden on the front end but appear on the exported form so additional information can be recorded about that contact.
Prefilled AnswersPrefill Answers
Prompt someone toward the format you want for an answer by prefilling the field with a sample answer.
Thank YouCustomized Thank You Pages
Allows you to customize a thank you page for each form.
Email DeliverySimple Email Delivery Integration
Forwards all contact forms to at least one email address within your organization.
CPC TrackingCPC Conversion Tracking Integration
Track where leads and purchases are coming from by adding conversion codes.
SSLOptional SSL Integration
Secure forms that require payment or other sensitive information with a click of a button once the SSL is configured.
Payment GatewayOptional Payment Gateway Integration
Process payments online by connecting a payment gateway with checkout forms.

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