Empoweren Set to Help St. Louis Business Community

St. Louis (February 2009) -- The St. Louis County Economic Council (SLCEC) recently launched a new website that was designed using the Empoweren content management system. The new site is designed to keep county business leaders abreast of economic news and to highlight SLCEC's work in driving new business to St. Louis County.

In order to give SLCEC more control over their site's messaging and content, Captiva Marketing recommended that SLCEC also integrate the Empoweren content management system into http://www.slcec.com.

"As an organization that promotes business development, SLCEC needed a site that was versatile enough to reflect the organization's current initiatives and events," said Bill Brasser, Partner and Co-Founder of Captiva Marketing. "The new Empoweren website gives SLCEC complete control over their website, so now updates to the site can be done internally without incurring additional design and development charges for mundane changes."

Captiva Marketing integrated management modules into SLCEC's site in order to help organize content. For example, the organization wanted a way to spotlight current development projects that are in the works in St. Louis County. Captiva Marketing engaged its Empoweren Photo Gallery Manager that allows SLCEC to upload spec images or photos of these developments along with an overview of the project. As new projects arise, SLCEC can build this spotlight section by uploading photos and adding content and the new information will seamlessly integrate with the existing slide show.

Additionally, SLCEC is extremely active in updating business and economic news on their website using the News Manager. Not only does SLCEC regularly update their newsroom with press releases, but they also reprint local media stories about the St. Louis economic climate.

The end result is a site that can keep up with the economic pace of St. Louis County. By empowering SLCEC to make simple changes to their website internally, Captiva Marketing gave SLCEC the freedom to reinvest budgets that would have otherwise gone to web updates into initiatives that will drive new businesses into the area.

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