Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are Empoweren websites hosted?

All Empoweren sites are hosted on dedicated servers at a Tier 3 Data Center in St. Louis, MO that offers the following:

2. How is the Empoweren system maintenance performed?

As a hosted solution, our programmers push through all necessary updates and upgrades to the core Empoweren system. For those currently on a CMS, your IT department will no longer have to be involved in these periodic updates or maintain responsibility for software licenses in order to keep your site running. For those graduating from basic HTML websites hosted on simple shared servers, you will avoid the challenges involved with setting up and managing hosting for a robust CMS.

Note: Certain modules or customized site elements may require additional maintenance.

3. Do servers ever go down? Will your site ever go offline?

As with all systems, Empoweren does require periodic maintenance and we refresh it periodically (a few times a year). This may cause the site to go down for several seconds to a few minutes per event. This maintenance is typically performed outside of normal business hours, so any downtime effects will be minimal.

Unfortunately, cyber attacks, equipment failure and other issues can also cause servers to go down. Our system detects errors and both our provider and Empoweren personnel address the issues to get the sites up as quickly as possible. The data center provides a 100% power and network uptime and a 60 minute hardware replacement, but it is practically impossible to ensure 100% uptime without utilizing co-location services that would increase monthly fee significantly.

The Empoweren system is designed with redundancy in regards to your site’s database so that if one server goes down, visitors are sent to another server in our network.

In summary, the costs to ensure that a website will never go offline are cost prohibitive to our existing client base, but we have made every effort to design our environment be as safe and reliable as possible while still providing a good value.

4. Will you be the owner of the content of your web  pages?

The Empoweren system essentially converts YOUR content, graphics, formatting and images into HTML code. While you do not own the code that converts your content into HTML or powers the Admin section of your site, you do own all of the HTML content generated and any data in the database.

5. Can you move your site to another hosting company?

While your website is built and maintained using the Empoweren System, you are the owner of your content, graphics, etc… As such, you can take this information and move it to another platform (CMS) or run the HTML code on another server. As a cloud based solution, the code that runs Empoweren cannot be moved so you would lose the back-end functionality that we provide and maintain.

6. Who maintains control over the operational quality of your website?

Operational quality is a somewhat subjective phrase, but often relates to load times, appearance, and browser compatibility. Because Empoweren allows users editorial control over many site elements, some companies/organizations experience quality issues as their site evolves. For instance, people loading large images or videos have experienced issues with download times and we have had to update the graphics or video files to make them run faster.

By selecting an Empoweren support package with a Quarterly Technical Review, you can identify most of these issues and address them accordingly.

7. Does Empoweren require a yearly contract?

All of our contracts are open ended and can be cancelled at any time. To minimize costs associated with billing, clients not engaged in full service programs with Captiva Marketing are typically billed quarterly or yearly. Unused fees can be refunded if the site is moved or shut down.

8. Will your website be compatible with mobile browsers, tablets, or other new technology?

Empoweren is essentially a tool that allows non-technical users to convert text and images into HTML content and stores them in a database. How this content displays is typically related to the design elements applied to the Empoweren system. Periodically, updates in the browsers or new technology may require modifications to design templates, javascript code or navigation systems. Fees may apply if designs specific to one’s site need to be adapted to changes in technology as these are outside of our control.

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