About Empoweren

Empoweren is a website content management system (CMS) developed by Captiva Marketing, a digital marketing firm based in St. Louis, Missouri and one of the first companies in the Midwest to provide SEO and paid search advertising services.

The software represents the evolution of a decade of work as it has been constantly improved over the years based on the continual feedback and needs of our clients.

2008 - Our Start

The concept for Empoweren was born to fulfill the need for a safe, closed-source website CMS that was easy-to-use and eliminated the SEO issues posed by the dynamically generated pages utilized by most content management systems of the time.

Plus, we wanted a system that would allow our web development team to apply updates, code enhancements and security patches to all sites on the platform ate once instead of each site individually

And finally, we wanted a system where our clients could make easy updates to their websites so we could focus on the more challenging design, marketing and SEO related tasks.

2014 - Empoweren Goes Responsive

In 2014, there was a major change in the web design world. Going forward, the industry (influenced heavily by Google) would require "Responsive Websites" that allow websites to render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

This had a major impact on every CMS as the move to responsive design made it significantly more challenging to build websites. Our clients could still easily add, delete and manage content on their websites, but the role of front end developers  expanded exponentially.

2016 and Beyond

Not only is the web design world getting more complex with responsive design and a growing number of technologies, but...

So, Empoweren was reborn as a "Build It With Help" platform.

Dedicated Account Managers

Since most Empoweren clients are mid-sized companies or organizations that want professional support, we have always employed dedicated account managers to service all but our most basic (hosting only) clients.  These managers help build the initial website, assist with ongoing updates and design enhancements and can even provide assistance with promoting one's website while our IT group monitors technical elements and keeps sites safe and secure.

Wondering if Empoweren would be a good fit for your needs?  Fill out the form below or call us at 314-822-3656.

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