The Platform

A Hosted Website Solution

The Empoweren CMS is a hosted solution designed for businesses and organizations that do not have the time, desire, or in-house expertise to set up and manage content management software or the IT infrastructure needed to run it safely and properly.

The monthly fee associated with your website consists of four primary components:

Empoweren Platform Maintenance

The Empoweren system that powers your website needs to be constantly maintained for optimal performance. We monitor CPU, RAM & Hard Drive performance on a daily basis to ensure that sites are performing properly and redirect resources when sites spike in traffic.

Furthermore, we install Operating System updates to our server as often as they are released, typically every 2-3 weeks. This keeps us up-to-date for the monthly PCI scans, patches any security issues that were discovered, and improves functionality.

Website Hosting

This component refers to the server that stores your site's content, imagery, video, forms database, etc. so that we can display your website through the Internet. Costs vary based on the amount of storage space and bandwidth the site requires. In general, sites with a lot of content, high resolution imagery, videos, downloads, and other large files require more storage space and use more bandwidth. Bandwidth usage also correlates to how many visitors the site attracts, how long they stay on the site and the size of the files being delivered.

Empoweren Enhancements

As a cloud based solution, there is no need to download updates or pay for most upgrades to the system. New features are constantly being added to the system to increase its functionality and value.

Server Administration

Our technical team monitors and manages updates to the servers for optimal performance and security.

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