Additional Empoweren Managers

Members Manager - Sometimes companies have portions of their websites that they wish for certain visitors to access and not made visible to the public. The Members Manager enables companies to make certain parts of their website password protected, which can assist in securing information such as price lists, internal documents, instruction manuals, newsletters, etc.

Location Manager - For an organization with multiple locations, whether within a specific metropolitan area, across the country or across the globe, the Location Manager offers the ability to feature locations based upon an area search and then list the closest locations within to the visitors desired proximity.  Partnered with Google's mapping technology, maps are generated and pin details may be customized.

Menu Manager - Whether its due to the addition of seasonal specials or just a routine tweak to the menu, restaurants often need to add, edit, or remove menu items to keep their website current. The Menu Manager offers a basic menu organization system, but can also be customized to your specific needs for a streamlines this process of updating one's online menu.

Blog - Partnered with the most popular blogging software, Empoweren integrates with the WordPress to offer design consistency with your website and a set of proven, authored plugins for managing your content safely and securely.


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