There is little question that adding video to a website makes it more engaging. Video is a very powerful tool that can help one deliver a message in a more interesting and memorable way than words alone. Of course, successful marketing-oriented videos typically require some professional editing and a blend of images, drawings, animation and text to deliver a message that truly engages people.

To help you add video to your site, Empoweren's multimedia team can assist with any video editing or development needs.

We can utilize your existing video assets and integrate these into your website through video headers or in-content video snippets.







Adding Video to Your Site Correctly

While videos can be a very powerful tool, add them to your site incorrectly and they can slow your download speed to the point that your abandonment rates skyrocket and the search engines lower your rankings.  Our team can help edit your video files so that they will download quickly across multiple browsers and devices while maintaining their appearance.

Lead Generation and SEO Benefits

The longer you keep a visitor engaged on your website, the better the chance that visitor will interact with your company. Plus, there is evidence to suggest that Google and other search engines consider how long people stay on your website as a measure of its quality and justification for ranking well.


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