Tabs Modules

Organize content neatly in tabbed sections that customers can click through without leaving the page.

Module One

Photo & Icon Tabs

Elevate the look of content tabs with custom iconography, photography, and animated interactions.

tabs example

Module Two

Icon Tabs

Use easily recognizable icons to highlight and explain product features.

tabs example

Module Three

Full Screen Tabs

Highlight photography of products, services or locations with full tabbed sections that span the full width of the page at any size.

tabs example

Module Four

Accordion With Table

Display detailed comparative charts about products or services using tables inside a collapsible accordion.

tabs example

Module Five

Standard Accordion

The standard accordion module uses title bars in your brand colors to collapse or expand content sections.

tabs example

Module Six

Simple Accordion

Use a single accordion section to hide supplemental content for a cleaner appearance.

tabs example

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