Testimonials Modules

Testimonials support the quality of your company with positive messages from real customers.

Module One

Single Quote With Image

This graphic layout highlights a single, important message with a bold text treatment and image of the individual providing the testimonial.

testimonial example

Module Two

Scroller With Image

Showcase multiple testimonials in this scroller module. The large image area in this module is suitable for showcasing images of the customer providing the testimonials or the product being reviewed.

testimonial example

Module Three


For text only testimonials, this scrolling module uses graphic elements to create a more interesting presentation.

testimonial example

Module Four

Single Quote

This testimonial style promininently features your brand logo, creating a strong tie between the brand and positive feedback.

testimonial example

Module Five

Scroller With Image

In this styled, rotating testimonial module, multiple customer testimonials are displayed over a background image.

testimonial example

Module Six

Testimonial Boxes

These static testimonial boxes are great for highlighting a limited selection of testimonials, or for new businesses or products with only a few reviews.

testimonial example

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