Search Engine Friendly Features

Customizable SEO Fields - Dedicated fields for the page title, meta description, and meta keywords.

One of the biggest challenges search engine marketing professionals face when trying to optimize websites built on content management systems is the inability to customize certain fields critical to organic optimization.

In designing Empoweren, we not only made these important fields highly customizable, but we also placed them in a prominent position in the Admin Area. Each page can be populated with customized, search engine friendly Page Title Tags, Page Headers (Headlines), File Names, and Navigation Names (Inbound Link Text).

Page re-Direct Fields - Convert old sites to new sites or marketing URLs.

As the age of the Internet evolves, many companies are updating an existing site rather than building a brand new one. Oftentimes, these existing sites already enjoy a strong presence in the organic search results and be driving a lot of traffic to the site.

When a site is being re-designed, one must take into consideration that major search engines like Google have probably indexed more than just the home page of the website. Typically many pages within a website are being indexed and ranked by the search engines for particular keyword phrases. It is essential when updating a website that one utilize the same file names or point the old file names to those in the new site.

Historically, for the few firms that actually utilized this practice, IT personnel would install 301 server side re-directs that instructed the server to route searches for particular pages to pages in the new site. This was often a very time consuming process and many people would ignore this process or just route all of the old pages to the new home page.

For SEO purposes, we have always advised people building websites that would replace existing websites to install page-to-page server side re-directs. When we designed Empoweren, we integrated this feature into every page so that those building the new site could configure the re-directs with no assistance from the IT department.

Search-Friendly File Names - CMS allows one to create keyword rich file names essential to SEO.

Historically, search engines did not like to spider or index the database driven pages commonly output by web content management systems. Additionally, these file names which often looked like this were difficult for users to understand.

Next, the major search engines typically put a lot of weight on the keywords and keyword phrases used in a page's file name. For these reasons and others, Empoweren was designed not only so that you can customize file names, but also so that you can type them in plain English.

Spider-Friendly Menu System - Ensure that your site is spiderable.

One of the most important parts to optimizing a website is simply ensuring that the search engines can spider the pages. Many navigation systems restrict search engine spiders and render your content invisible. While Empoweren is flexible in the types of navigation systems that it can employ, our design and implementation teams can provide guidance to ensure that your site is spiderable should SEO be important to your project.

In the example below, you can see how the pages in this section feature both global and sectional navigation with a flyout menu system detailing specific product pages.

Analytics Integration - Integrates with most Web Analytics software.

Tracking visitor activity for your site is one of the most important aspects of search engine marketing. Empoweren is capable of integrating with nearly any Web Analytics software, but we typically recommend Google Analytics as it is an extremely robust program supported by Google and available for free. For those doing CPC advertising with Google AdWords, it also allows for very seamless integration.

To install, simply send the Google Analytics Tracking Code and our implementation specialists will install it in the footer of your site so that it tracks every page (current and future) on your site.

Shown below is a screenshot of one of Google Analytics more relevant reports for search engine marketing purposes. It shows which keywords generated the most visitors to your site and this account is configured to also show how many of these visitors Visited the Contact Page and completed the Inquiry Form.

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